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steve james

graphic design professional

I design all sorts of stuff! SEE FURTHER working examples below my resume.



- Full concept to production process

- User experience/journey design

- Marketing and advertising

-  Art direction and workflow             management - Slack and Asana

- Illustration/Infographics

- Brand and Brand Strategy is my thing

- Book illustration (currently doing two)

- Brainstorming legend

Adobe skill-set

- InDesign

- Photoshop

- Illustrator

- Illustrator Draw

- Animate

Other skills

- UX/UI Figma prototypes

- Company Representation

- FMCG Packaging

- Social media maintenance

- Photography

- Front-end Web Design

- Copywriting

- Cartooning/Scamps

- Workflow Management

- Animated Banners
- Articulate Storyline 3 (e-learning)

- Microsoft Office

- SketchUp (3D)

- WordPress



3yr Dip. Visual Communication Design

CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology)

Field Of Study: Graphic Design

Subjects studied included: Graphic Design, Design and Art Theory, Motion Design, 3D Design, Photography, Sculpture, Life Drawing and Illustration.

Activities and Societies:

Photography group.

1yr Cert. Introduction to Visual Design

Hagley College

Field Of Study: Graphic Design

Subjects studied included: Art, Design, Design Theory, Photography, Life Drawing, Sculpture, Technical Drawing and Printmaking.

Activities and Societies:

Fencing, Photography.

Burnside High School

Christchurch, NZ


Graphic Analyst
NZ Government

October 2020 to present
Wellington, NZ

Working within a core analytics team, providing strategic products for customers and key stakeholders. Taking complex, sensitive information and assimilating this information in a manner to better serve key stakeholders understanding.


The information is sometimes complicated in nature and requires audiences a great amount of time to understand and appreciate the context and/or impact. I meet with key players, sit and discuss requirements and discuss the expected or intended outcome.


With a clear understanding of audience and the core message to be conveyed, I solely create solutions to communicate this message in a clearer manner. It is critical that I prioritise and manage tasks and work-flows effectively in this role.

Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of this role, I cannot show any of the work created in the last 15 months.


Contract BDM/Designer at Cyber Toa


June 2020 - August 2020 


BDM and designer of Cyber Toas' Pro-Tector brand and learning course services.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance Design

January 2001 to present

NZ, Spain, and France

I have taken on multi-diverse freelance design work, in addition to full-time employment, for well over 19 years. The clients I have freelanced for are wide and varied in the Canterbury/Wellington (NZ) and Berkshire/Alicante/Aquitaine (UK/Spain/France) regions.

Further information about clients or jobs undertaken freelance designing can be provided if required.

Real Estate Agent

Professionals Real Estate

Nov 2018 – April 2020

Lower Hutt, NZ

In conjunction with part-time design work, I worked as a real estate agent in Lower Hutt. as a self-employed agent.


This role taught me self discipline, incredible negotiation/people skills and the ability to maintain meaningful client relationships.

Guardian, Design Entrepreneur

Chateau de la Valouze

Jul 2016 – May 2018

La Roche-Chalais, Dordogne, France

This position was wide and varied. My partner and I co-shared the responsibility of guardianship of a large Chateau, namely Chateau de la Valouze, on a 75-acre estate in the Dordogne region of France.

We, over a period of nearly two years, helped develop and market the property into a fully operational, beautiful wedding venue facility. At the time of leaving, we had secured 18 weddings and 3 other bookings for the 2018 season. The large Chateau, Orangerie, Pool House, and additional outbuildings can accommodate 55+ people.

Currently, I am also working on a couple of personal creative projects.

Long Distance Graphic Designer

Onimpact Ltd

Apr 2016 – Aug 2016

Wokingham, UK

Daily freelancing work, creating various concepts, artwork, and designs with a great team and a great range of clients, via my location in the Bordeaux area (ie working from afar).

The work varied but was mainly publication layout, brand concepts, infographics, and web banner design.

Clients jobs I worked on included:
- JDA Software UK Ltd.
- Central Bedfordshire College
- Cosentino

- Hexagon Housing Association

- Eastleigh College

Senior Designer

Quadrant HQ Design Ltd

Dec 2012 – Nov 2015

Wellington, NZ

I was the Senior Designer, working in a professional studio of designers, with studio management responsibilities. The studio compromised of a multi-talented experienced team, with the added advantage of being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for clients - from product and identity development, to retail and roll-out commercial design solutions.

Clients jobs I worked on included:
- Tekron International
- MK Archibald
- Photo Higher (Halo Film Systems)
- Snapit HD
- Scratch Fine Foods
- La Bella Italia

Design Manager/Senior Designer

Pudney and Lee Ltd

Aug 2007 – Dec 2012
Wellington, NZ


Management of a small in-house design team for a large consumer electronics distributor. I managed a studio that created marketing and design solutions for core brands. Key responsibilities included maintaining the integrity and brand standards of the design across all media. This included advising and liaising with the CEO and Product Managers regarding product design and communication requirements.

Much of the work involved brand strategy, as there were frequently new products that required the development of a brand, brand strategy, packaging, and marketing collateral.


I became very adept at identifying a product's target market. From this, I would develop a clear core message with both product name and copy, from which I created accurate design solutions.

Graphic Designer

Capiche Design Ltd

Jun 2007 – Aug 2007

Wellington, NZ

A short-term, graphic design role, for a disciplined and well-revered Wellington agency.

Clients jobs I worked on included:

- NZ Wood


Police Constable

NZ Police

Jul 2003 – Jun 2007
Wellington, NZ


For nearly four years I was a Police Constable, at Wellington Central Station.

During my time with the Police, I was a member of the Police Crime Scene Unit, based at Wellington Central Police Station. The position required meticulous attention to detail and extreme care, especially when dealing with potentially incriminating evidence.

Being a Constable taught me valuable personal interaction skills, problem-solving skills, humility, and an ability to cope under stress.

Design Manager/Designer

NZDF Design Studio

Jan 2006 – Oct 2006
Wellington, NZ

(I undertook nine months self-initiated leave from the Police, to take this contract)

Workflow and design management of designers, editors, and contractual designers. Management of the Department of Public Relations design studio. Guidance, management, and oversight of an intermediate designer, and ongoing contractual off-site designers, for all artwork leaving the studio.

Workflow management of core monthly, fortnightly, and weekly publications, in conjunction with all additional incoming design, photography, and production requirements. As these deadlines were tight, it was important to be organised with all the incoming copy from differing editors, photos and supporting graphics, preliminary page layouts, and establishing a clear delegation of responsibilities.

Graphic Designer

Red Cactus Design Ltd

Aug 2001 – Jun 2003

Wellington, NZ

Corporate and FMCG graphic design. Design of brochures, catalogs, annual reports, corporate identities, and logos, from written briefs. Extensive FMCG food packaging design, for New Zealand’s top food manufacturers.


Clients jobs I worked on included:

- Griffins
- Unilever Australia/NZ
- Ferndale Cheese
- Tip Top
- Mainland Foods
- RJ’s Liquorice

Contract Graphic Designer

Management Personnel Creative

May 1999 – Mar 2001

London, UK


Working as a graphic designer for a variety of high profile London companies, some being same-day placement, under contract from Management Personnel Creative Ltd.

Clients jobs I worked on included:
- Duncan Baird Publishers · Publishing house · May 1999 - June 1999
- Jones Design · Interior and graphic design · July 1999
- Nortel Networks · Telecommunications · July 1999 - May 2000
- Telstar Records · Record production company · August 1999
- Thomson Holidays · Holiday agency · August 2000 - October 2000

Freelance Designer

Jones Design / Thomson Holidays

1999 - 2001

London, UK


I engaged in a lot of freelance design work, after the above contracts had expired, for these two companies, over a twenty-month period.

This work included promotional materials for Jones Design's clients, who were generally restaurant businesses. Design undertaken was generally signage, interior visuals, brochures, menus, and similar. 


With Thomson Holiday's (now named TUI) I was a designer assisting in the creation of graphics, image retouching, and page layout for the company's myriad of travel magazines and materials.

Graphic Designer

Art for Print Ltd

May 1998 – Feb 1999

Christchurch, NZ

I was the sole graphic designer for a small design studio, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I art-worked all design solutions from concept to production, from instruction and briefs provided by my employer.

In-depth working process PDFs

Work process and concepts examples below

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